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Stay Fluft - 4.5" (Solid Resin) Preorder

Stay Fluft - 4.5" (Solid Resin) Preorder

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Introducing Stay Fluft. 100% produced in house and only 10 available. Preorder on 3/11 @ 6pm ET on

Each one looks like a life size mini marshmallow from the most recent movies, except he’s face down, melting on your shelf.

If you love this character as much as I do you need this in your collection!

Expected delivery is expected 30-90 days from date of purchase which seller reserves the right to change if necessary.

Disclaimer: This toy is a work of parody protected under applicable parody laws. It is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by the referenced major brand. Any similarities are purely coincidental, and the toy is intended for comedic and satirical purposes only. No association with the brand is implied, and any perceived resemblance is meant solely for humorous commentary

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